About BoaVida Communities

Providing Safe and Friendly Environments for People to Grow and Thrive

BoaVida Communities was founded on the principles of integrity, respect, accountability and relationships to build safe and close-knit communities that thrive.

BoaVida Communities is a forward-thinking acquisitions company that buys and upgrades manufacturing housing properties and extended-stay RV communities throughout the United States.

Each of our well-maintained properties offer a variety of exciting amenities for keeping your loved ones happy and comfortable. Our staff is eager to assist you with anything you may need to ensure your quality of living.

For individuals who are on work projects in one of our local areas, BoaVida Communities is a great solution for extended-stay RV residents visiting the area. You’ll find the best possible WiFi connection available at our community centers, a quiet workspace with a printer, and whenever possible, a conference room for meetings and events.

At BoaVida Communities, we’re dedicated to providing you with an unmatched residential experience throughout the United States. As we consider you one of our honored residents, you can expect a consistent, generous community environment.

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Country Lake MHC, San Jacinto, CA

A New Standard of Living for Residents Seeking an Affordable, Quality Lifestyle

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